Date: 3th December 2020
Co-creating meaningful learning journeys together
Our first

Learning Center

built, designed, and maintained
by the Community, for the community



for kids where they have agency to
explore & create meaningful life journeys



that take care of their issues through
dialogue,collaboration & mindfulness.


Learning Hub

to facilitate contextual &
relevant child-centric
Foundational Learning programs

Our Vision

Every child is part of a meaningful learning environment

Problem Statement

Our Programs

Meri Kitaab

Reading Program

The aim of programme is to connect with communities through our practice so that the reading program caters to all ages in the community and opens doors to deeper, meaningful, dialogues and conversations. We use play, games, read-aloud, storytelling, drama, art, songs and music- to create an environment of joy in reading, engaging in different ways with books to make meaning with the self and the world around us.

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Foundational Learning Program

An Experiential learning based programme for children & young adults who are in 8-16 yrs age and are drop outs/ not part of formal education system. Customized learning journey is being focused & caters to functional literacy, digital literacy, social emotional needs & life skills.

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Taana Baana

Community Intervention Program

This programme is to understand the needs of community with respect to facilities available (health, education, entitlements, etc) & creating platform to prepare documentations, avail welfare schemes, enabling skill building opportunities. This involves bringing different stakeholders at one platform- govt, other NGO’s. Part of this programme is also to focus youth engagement to make them community champions who can participate in addressing community issues.

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