Date: 3th December 2020
Co-creating meaningful learning journeys together
Our first

Learning Center

built, designed, and maintained
by the Community, for the community



for kids where they have agency to explore
and create meaningful life journeys



that can take care of their issues through
dialogue, collaboration and mindfulness.

Our Vision

To initiate & nurture
inclusive & meaningful learning spaces
towards self-reliance & sustainability.

Stories of Hope

Story 1

One of the things that I enjoyed most during my HHK journey was our reflection and brainstorming sessions.

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Story 2

"aisi rango bhari apni duniya hai kyun, aise bhi socho na!" Now I have a beautiful memory attached to this song.

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Story 3

"aisi rango bhari apni duniya hai kyun, aise bhi socho na!" Now I have a beautiful memory attached to this song.

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Our Programs

Safe space program

Creating a safe space for the children which caters to the literacy and emotional needs of the kids is one of the firt things of the intervention. A space that would spell continuity and consistency untouched by the vagaries of weather..

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Women Engagement Program

While working with communities, women and young girls of the Basti have come up with a need to learn certain life skills, STITCHING being one of them. Hence a journey began to curate a program that enables a safe space for the...

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Adult Literacy Programme

Learning does not happen only in schools, and with this ideology, the idea of creating a safe space for all those children who have left schools or are unable to go to school due to many circumstances was extended. Learning will focus on life skills, social-emotional ......

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Community Intervention Programme

For a self-sustaining safe space for kids, it's important to include the whole community in the transformation. Hence, a community intervention program comes up as an important part of the process. It includes ensuring the convergence of services ...

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