About Us

Har Hath Kalam India Association endeavors to create a child-friendly society. Based in Patiala, we engage with children who are a part of vulnerable populations. Through active engagement, we strive to provide holistic learning opportunities to children and the community that they inhabit. We believe that all children, irrespective of their circumstances, deserve a safe, inclusive learning space. A Space where they can express themselves freely without the fear of being judged and ridiculed. A Space where learning is meaningful, engaging, relevant, and joyful. We envision an environment of empathy and compassion in each and every place /milieu that children are a part of. In pursuit of this, we use art, theatre, storytelling and play to create spaces for understanding oneself, each other and the world around us, leading to possibilities for empowerment and compassion with wisdom.


Enabling Community-Driven Sustainable Model by developing leadership within the community: Building a network of local leaders within the community who are enthusiastic, open minded and inclusive who can sustain the change. These local leaders will become the agents of change and points of contacts for various developments that are being made.

Enabling inclusive, joyous, safe spaces with freedom of expression : Creating a safe space for the children which caters to their literacy and emotional needs is one of the first things of the intervention. Co-creating an enabling environment to foster the potential and wellbeing of all, particularly children and youth that will be a go to space for learning and holistic growth.

Cultivating culture of self awareness, joyful learning and meaningful dialogue: To foster a culture of eager curiosity, acceptance, openness for change, self-evaluation, identifying issues and co-creating solutions through dialogue amongst all members of the community. Inclusion, respect and dialogue would be the key to make them self-sustainable community.


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1410/57, Adarsh colony, prem nagar, near Gurudwara sahib Patiala-147004