About Us

Har Hath Kalam India Association, a sec-8 not-for-profit organization endeavoring towards normalizing the lives of child beggars by engaging them into formal education system through regular counselling, active learning and ensuring their congruity by developing tech-oriented solutions. We are working in collaboration with other stakeholders who can help their parents in providing livelihood opportunities and implementing welfare schemes.


Raising awareness amongst stakeholders and target communities, and orientation of HHK and other functionaries on the issues of ‘child begging’Creation of a Child Begging Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting System

To contribute to the welfare of parents of child beggars and their skilling and integration in appropriate occupations through. Identification of families with no or less source of livelihood who send their children to begging. Facilitating vocational training opportunities for such adolescents through existing scheme of skill development. Providing and supporting them in employment or entrepreneurial/ business opportunities as per best suitable option.

To eliminate all child begging through i. Identification and withdrawal of all children in the Project Area from child begging ii. Preparing children withdrawn from begging for mainstream education along with vocational training iii. Ensuring convergence of services provided by different government departments/agencies for the benefit of child and their family


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