Covid - 19 Distribution Program

Our Team, in association with District Administration, Patiala worked in lockdown to provide ration and basic necessities to people in a structured manner.

Khidki Session

Khidki sessions were started for anyone who is looking for a path of self-awareness and relationship building. These sessions were designed using Social & Emotional Learning methodologies.


Our volunteers who have moved to other cities came together to be Buddies to our kids and create a safe space for the kids, virtually.

आज़ाद किताबें खोज निकालेंगे हम

The biggest rescue operation of Punjab, starting from 15th July to 15th August to make Patiala child friendly. You can share any information w.r.t child labor, beggar and rag picker in your area or wherever you have seen at the complaint section at our web portal.For more details, follow these platforms:

Syaahi 3.0 - Bachpan ke inkpot se

~दौड़ने दो खुले मैदानों में,नन्हे कदमों को जनाब,जिंदगी बहुत भगाती है,बचपन गुज़र जाने के बाद।~सभी पटियाला वासियों को *"हर हाथ कलम"* की तरफ से आमंत्रित किया जाता है अपने बचपन को खुल कर जीने के इस उत्सव *"स्याही 3.0 - बचपन के इंकपोट से"* पर।आइए, सब मिलकर अपने अंदर के बच्चे को जगाते हैं, हमारे बेहद ख़ास बच्चों के साथ।♥*Details of the event-*Venue: Auditorium, Thapar UniversityTimings: 5 to 7 pmDate: 30th June

जोश - समाज में बदलाव लाने का

Presenting 'जोश - समाज में बदलाव लाने का', our flagship event where all those who've been a part of the journey or has supported Har Hath Kalam will come together to take it forward.In this week long awareness event, each day will be dedicated to one of our stakeholders consisting of our sponsors, volunteers, community, general public etc.Let's keep the जोश always high!#Josh#HarHathKalam

ख़्वाब : खुशियों की दुनिया

ख़्वाब : खुशियों की दुनिया 💜 A children's day event for our kids and their parents, where all our sponsors, donors and supporters will come together to witness beautiful performances by our kids and volunteers! क्यूँकि इनके लिए खुशियों की दुनिया बनानी हैं! #Khwaab #HarHathKalam

SAFAR - Bheeksha Se Seeksha Tak

Safar: Bheeksha se Shiksha tak - An Awareness Event on 26 OCTOBER at Patiala Bus Stand from 4-6 p.m. The motive of the event is to spread the message: *भीख ना देकर 1098 Child Helpline पर कॉल करे या हमे report करे*. *How it will be done?* Each volunteer will be there with a child on every bus counter, there will be one on one interaction with people on every counter as well as interaction inside the buses. We'll be spreading our message along with a pen promoting our motive of भीख नहीं, सीख दो! #HarHathKalam #Safar #BheekhNahiSeekhDo

Design Thinking Workshop

Har Hath Kalam is conducting a Design Thinking Workshop for all the young social entrepreneurs to come together and share their experiences. What you'll learn: *How to create a model for change *Process designing to reach your goal *Network building How to apply distributive leadership for sustainable impact Who all are eligible (You must qualify any one of the following criterion): *Atleast 6 month experience for any social cause at ground level *Pursuing any professional degree in the development sector If you want to make your initiative a sustainable one, Fill this form before 2nd October, 2018: Date: 6 -7 October,2018 Venue: Patiala, Punjab Selection will be done solely on the basis of form filled. For any queries, contact: Shubhangi: 8528000120 Riya : 98783-55547

Bhiksha Ya Seekhsha

Bhiksha ya Shiksha? The choice of action is under yours. The consequences of this are not. The practice of begging has many ill-effects on the minds of the juveniles involved. Let's Make Child begging free society and ensure every child should be at their natural place, school or playground not begging or selling on streets.

SYAAHI 2.0 - Bachpan Ke Inkpot Se

A talent showcase by kids who gave up begging and now, are on the path of their bright future. Come, join us and witness their journey from traffic signals to school.

THE WALK - Awareness Week 1.0

What is Child-Begging? Why do these little kids, who should be studying are on roads begging? We've always wondered about these questions but did we ever stop to ask these kids why were they doing so? Now the time has come for a change! HAR HATH KALAM is coming forward for a final step towards the eradication of child-begging. With providing education and employment to beggar over last 3 years, the time has come to sweep this evil off the city. Harman Kohli, Rahul Singla, Bhumika Garg, Arpit Agarwal and Harsh Kothari have taken a pledge to remove child-begging from Patiala. For this, we'll be walking over 200 km to spread awareness among people. Also launching an app for the removal of beggars by knowing their whereabouts and by providing them required counselling and education. Join us in your area between 19-25 Feb to spread the message and walk for at least a kilometer to save childhood. बचपन सवर रहा है, देश बदल रहा है | #HarHathKalam #HarBaatKalam #BheekhHatao #BachpanBachao


Taking another step forward, Har Hath Kalam is organizing a CYCLE Rally for underprivileged women supported by Firefox, Bikers World Patiala and Rajas Dental Clinic to raise awareness for menstrual hygiene. So, come out of your houses on 4th Feb, and join us at Bikers World to bring a change in our society. Cause a stronger women leads to a stronger nation. Let's pedal for them. Let's come out for them


~Life is a great big canvas. Throw all the paint you can on it.~ We at Har Hath Kalam are coming forward for a cause, in a very unique and beautiful way. We're going to paint the flyover near Patiala Bus Stand with colors of change. The main achievement of painting is to broaden thinking minds or as the most basic to start up process of thinking on certain subject, issue, message. Then the change starts to occur, the change in observation, conscience level and perception. So, come let's make our city better with colors of change. Let's Paint For Change.

Taare Zameen Par

All children are born equal, they all deserve to be happy and enjoy their life; but this chance is taken away from some of them. Some bear the load of the society on their tender shoulders. Har Hath Kalam India Association with Rajindra Gymkhana & Mahendra Club Ltd. Is organizing an event this Lohri for such kids they have been teaching for couple of months so that these kids could enjoy just like any other kid. Be a part of the event so as to give the kids a good time and make memories. Is baar ki Lohri nanhe Bacho ke saath

AWAAZ - Utha Ab Badlav Ki

Har Hath Kalam India Association invites you to stand with us in AWAAZ - Utha Ab Badlav Ki. Coming forward with the motto of #BheekhHatao, a group of people will be standing at each and every Traffic Light of Patiala City for 1.5 hours in support of Anti-Begging and another group would be performing acts on the same theme at 3 major spots across the city. So step out of your houses, offices and cars to your nearest chowk and traffic signals on 31st October 2017 to strengthen the fight for a #BeggingFreePatiala. KYUKI WAQT AA GAYA HAI AWAAZ UTHANE KA!

SHOR - Tu Bandhan Tod In Sikkon Ka

District administration in association with Har Hath Kalam invites you to SHOR - Tu Bandhan Tod In Sikkon Ka. Another step towards #BeggarFreePatiala where a continuous human chain of 200 people will be standing for 10 hours in support of anti-begging, from Kali Mata madir to Bus Stand, Patiala on 12th of August 2017. Moreover, Musical Performances, Nukkad Natak, Flash Mobs and first ever disruptive campaign against begging will take place on the same day. So, come stand with us against begging kyuki WAQT AA GYA HAI SHOR MACHANE KA.


Kalam's 3 year anniversary

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