Date: 3th December 2020
Let's give 'Hope' to every BACHPAN

Stories of Hope

Story Title

One of the things that I enjoyed most during my HHK journey was our reflection and brainstorming sessions.

I vividly remember during one such session, we were seating in Thapar's library canteen and trying to figure out a way how to make the education curriculum more fun for kids, what is the things that kids will enjoy.

Then suddenly it occurred to us, whatever we remember till now, we remember due to stories, every moral teaching we had we were given through stories, stories are something which connects us to each other, stories are something which we pass on to others, stories are something which everyone remembers so why not create everything in form of stories.

It felt like the final piece of the puzzle which we were trying to solve, it somehow connected everything, and I guess that's what stories are for. So yes this is one of the many moments, which will always stay with me 😄

Story Title

"aisi rango bhari apni duniya hai kyun, aise bhi socho na!" Now I have a beautiful memory attached to this song. The moment when I just had a big fat smile on my face and yet some tears in my eyes. Well, it was a routine day in the summer camp. Children were dancing to their favorite song. Then I see this little toddler Rudra, so happy as if every nerve in his body is being tickled! It might be a usual day in his life or a usual day at the summer camp. But I, for a change, realized this after a long while that how simple it is find joy in little things. I am thankful.

Learning Diaries

Jim, Finance Stack

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Addison Craven

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Joelle Chan-Lee

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